Things to Look While Choosing Prepaid Plan

Things to look for while choosing a prepaid plan


With a prepaid mobile connection, you purchase the credit of mobile services before you use them. So, it becomes inevitable that you choose the right prepaid service. If there’s a mismatch between your plan purchase and needs, the whole purpose of your prepaid services goes into question.


Here’s a list of tips that will help you pick the right prepaid plan for your calling and data needs. A series of service availability checks will help you purchase the right prepaid plan. They are as follows:


1. Calling and SMS Inclusions


The prepaid rental that you pay towards the service you will avail should bring you both value and purpose fulfilment. So, you must check the plan’s calling/data inclusions vis-a-vis your needs.

Ask yourself, how many calls will you make? Or, how often will you use the SMS service?


2. Data Inclusions


You’ll be spoilt for choice with several prepaid mobile data plans in the market. So, you must know how much data or internet you will use before choosing a prepaid data pack. Failing to do so may incur you charges for unused data.


And, also, check if your service provider offers ‘data carry forward/data rollover to next month’ in case you do not use data in a particular month.


3. Miscellaneous Services


You need to check what other mobile services you could avail on a prepaid plan that you choose. Look for service benefits like:


·      International calling minutes to select countries

·      International roaming benefits – calls/texts made while travelling overseas

·      Entertainment and content benefits (like Netflix, Amazon, etc.)


4. Network Coverage


Not all service providers offer the same network coverage, so learn about the service coverage that your mobile prepaid plan offers you. Ask questions like:


·      Will the service work where you’ll travel?

·      Will 3G, 4G services be available in locations you work or reside?

·      What are the download speeds at these locations?


And most importantly, check the service provider’s website to find out more about network coverage.


5. Estimate your Mobile Service Usage


Choosing a plan that exactly matches your mobile phone needs goes miles in saving money. Getting more or less than what you require neither offers you value for money nor service satisfaction. So, to achieve maximum service benefits:


·      Study your previous month’s mobile bills to know your data or call usage

·      Roughly study how many SMSs you send


Looking for a network that provides all the above benefits while offering you complete control of your mobile usage spends? Would you also like to get your prepaid SIM delivered home?


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