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Stay Connected,  wherever you go

Technology has made the world a smaller place, yet we have never had a generation of people more distant from each other. At Vi, we believe that when the world is growing smaller, it ought to grow closer too. That’s why we have designed a network for stronger connections, a network that moves with you, to be someone's we.

Vi GIGAnet is a smart network with AI inside, that self optimizes to provide you with a consistent and superfast experience on everything you love doing on the network, from wherever and whenever.

With advanced technologies such as Indoor Coverage Plus, Vi GIGAnet gives you the speed and data-strong network that you need to stay connected in every corner of your home or office. The network also uses 5G-ready network infrastructure like Massive MIMOs to give you superior experience in congested areas or even high rise buildings.
Whether you’re on the move, working remotely, creating or chilling at home, Vi GIGAnet has you covered.

Postpaid Vi 4G
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Unlimited Calls + data + Built-in 1 year of Amazon prime, Disney+ Hotstar & more

Prepaid Vi 4G
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Unlimited Calls + up to 4GB/day + Free Movies, Live TV & More


Vi GIGAnet is a smart & dynamic, self-optimising network that meets your needs where and when it matters. Powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), it auto-adjusts to deliver stronger connectivity and speed to areas that need it. Giganet is the most consistent network, available for both postpaid and prepaid users. So that you could do more every moment, every day.

  • Stream movies, shows, videos at even 4K quality
  • Download movies and shows in a jiffy
  • Experience gaming even on VR so immersive that you feel you are inside the game
  • Learn faster with immersive education using VR virtual reality
  • Talk to your heart’s content with endless conversations on Vi with unlimited calling and a seamless network.

A 5G-ready SIM, 5G/4G handset and an active postpaid/prepaid plan

If you have been using 4G, you are already on a 5G-ready SIM.

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Vi Hero Unlimited on prepaid & Vi Max on postpaid are our best plans.

Hero Unlimited comes loaded with a host of data benefits including night-time free data, weekend data rollover

Vi Max Postpaid Plans comes with loads of data and OTT entertainment apps and other benefits on every plan.

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