ViTM powered by GIGAnet

The network that moves with you

Built with the combined power of Vodafone and Idea networks, GIGAnet is India’s fastest 4G – verified by Ookla®.


Equipped with the largest spectrum in the country, Vi™ powered by GIGAnet provides more capacity and quality 4G coverage.  


Powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), GIGAnet is a dynamic, self-optimising network that meets your needs where & when it matters.

So that you could do more every moment, every day.


A network that truly moves with you, to help you thrive today and tomorrow.

Prepaid Vi™ 4G
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Unlimited Calls + up to 4GB/day + Free Movies, Live TV & More

Postpaid Vi™ 4G
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Unlimited Calls + data + Built-in 1 year of Netflix & amazon prime

what do you need to experience GIGAnet? 

4G Network
4G network

4G Phone
4G phone

4G Plan
4G plan


SuperNet 4G