ViTM powered by GIGAnet

The network that moves with you

Built with the combined power of Vodafone and Idea networks, GIGAnet is not just India’s fastest 4G network but also the most consistent 4G network – verified by Ookla®.


Equipped with the largest spectrum in the country, Vi™ powered by GIGAnet provides more capacity and quality 4G coverage to about 1 billion Indians.  


Powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), GIGAnet is a dynamic, self-optimising network that meets your needs where & when it matters.

So that you could do more every moment, every day.


A network that truly moves with you, to help you thrive today and tomorrow. 

Prepaid Vi™ 4G
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Unlimited Calls + up to 4GB/day + Free Movies, Live TV & More

Postpaid Vi™ 4G
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Unlimited Calls + data + Built-in 1 year of Netflix & amazon prime

what do you need to experience GIGAnet? 

4G Network
4G network

4G Phone
4G phone

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