Block your SIM

Hey! You can now block your SIM online. Please enter your number below and we will send an OTP to your alternate number or email ID.


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  • SIM has to be replaced within 30 days of barring to keep the number active for prepaid & maximum 90 days for postpaid
  • Please visit our nearest store to get SIM replacement done
  • Alternate number for OTP validation at the time of SIM replacement is important. If your alternate number is not registered with us please download Vi App to update your alternate number. If your SIM is lost already, please keep alternate number handy for OTP validation when you visit our nearest store to get SIM replacement done
  • All the services like VAS, recharges, balance would be transferred to the new SIM card once replaced
  • Valid Proof of Identity as per the list of Acceptable POI is required for processing SIM replacement request. Click here to know the list of acceptable POI

Dear Sir/Ma'am, as your SIM has been barred because of SIM lost, to safe guard you from any financial or social fraud, please get your SIM replaced. 

Dear Sir/Ma'am, post completion of SIM replacement, contact stored in handset or in SIM card will not be transferred, active VAS and recharges, main account balance, data balance or other benefits will be carry forwarded.

Dear Sir/Ma'am, your number will be barred for maximum 30 days for Prepaid & 90 days for Postpaid. Request you to replace your SIM card before that.