Postpaid ISD Call Rates & ISD Codes


Important : Pack/Plan exclusive rate for ISD is applicable only when call is initiated from user’s home network; Any calls made to ISD destination/codes when on national roaming will be charged as per standard ISD rates as mentioned in the table below.


For 1 Connection

US & Canada @ 50p/min - Per bill cycle

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postpaid ISD pack


For 1 Connection

US & Canada @ 50p/min - Per bill cycle

30 Days


OTP verification

Just to make sure it’s you, we’ve sent an OTP to your number ending with 9999

Time left: 147 sec

resend otp

resend otp in sec

( attempts left)

alert! you will be charged an exit fee of ₹3000

alert! you will loose all your exclusive RED benefits

You will be charged ₹3000 in your bill since you are moving out within 6 months of activating your 1 year subscription of  Disney+ Hotstar VIP

you will also miss out on

Netflix worth ₹5988 every year

Disney+ Hotstar 1yr subscription

1 year of Amazon Prime

and much more...

note: If you choose to switch to prepaid you will also loose on your unused data quota including your rollover data

Country/Zone Destination Code Rate Per Minute


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