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Choose your Lucky/Fancy mobile number online

Vodafone Idea Ltd brings to you for the first time in India an option where you can select a customized Premium/Fancy Number based on your preference. A Premium/Fancy mobile number will give you a unique identity amongst your friends, peers and relatives, which can be easily remembered. Not just these we also have a spectrum of Free Mobile Numbers to choose from. Your Premium, Free Mobile Number comes with a horde of surprises. You can select a mobile number based on your lucky number. Lucky Number can be anything starting from your date of birth or your anniversary date or any specific date that holds special significance in your life. Just enter your Lucky Number and we will help you find the best premium or fancy mobile numbers of your choice.
Want to know how we find a mobile number based on your Lucky Number?

When you choose your number, we search our directory of mobile numbers and find the best set as per your requirement.
For e.g.
1. If your lucky number is 4, the addition of your mobile number will be equal to 4. Or if the Premium or Free number you are looking for is 1, 3 or 6 we find you an appropriate Fancy mobile number which has all these digits in it. So, Vodafone Idea Ltd now gives you a variety of phone numbers to choose from based on the digits you prefer.
2. If your date of birth is 13, then your lucky number will be 4 (3+1) and the available Free or Premium mobile numbers whose digit addition equals to 4 will be shown to you.

We also offer MNP & new postpaid connection with best plans.

Vodafone Idea is now Vi™. If you are looking to get a new fancy or premium mobile number of your choice, then visit Vi™ Fancy Mobile Number Page.