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infoEnter minimum 3 digits to search for a special or matching number

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9565 X5656X Fancy Number
9666 XX66XX Fancy Number
9010 XX10XX Fancy Number
9000 XXXX00 Fancy Number
8999 9XXX99 Fancy Number
8786 XXX786 Fancy Number
8111 XXXX11 Fancy Number
8777 XXXX77 Fancy Number
8989 XX89XX Fancy Number
9000 XX22XX Fancy Number
9800 78XXXX Fancy Number
9877 98XXXX Fancy Number
9822 98XXXX Fancy Number
9101 XXXX56 Fancy Number
9555 XXXX55 Fancy Number
9888 XXXX89 Fancy Number
8282 XXXX28 Fancy Number
8800 XXXX00 Fancy Number
9090 XXXX90 Fancy Number
9898 XXXX98 Fancy Number
9990 XXXX00 Fancy Number
9565 XXX565 Fancy Number
9789 XXX789 Fancy Number
9234 XXXX34 Fancy Number
8676 XXXX676 Fancy Number

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Choose your Vanity/Gold number online

Vi offers vanity numbers and gold mobile numbers with a new Vi connection. With vanity phone numbers it will never be hard for your friends and family to remember your number anymore! You can simply buy a Vi vanity number that spells out your name or a memorable phrase. Or opt for a gold mobile number with a string of special digits and be distinct amongst your peers. 

What is a Vanity Number?

A vanity mobile number is a custom-made number whose corresponding letters spell the name or any other such meaningful word on the alpha-numeric keypad. If you are someone who uses one primary number for everything, getting a vanity phone number is useful as it will be unique and easy to remember. People tend to remember a word, especially your name much better than a 10 digit arbitrary number. For example, if someone named Abhijit wanted to share their number they can just say it is 984-ABHIJIT. This way it will be easy for all friends and family to recall their number.

Golden Number SIM card:

If you have a string of preferred numbers, that are special or auspicious to you, you can opt for a Vi golden number SIM card. The golden SIM number will include your special series of numbers in your mobile number. Gold phone numbers with unique strings like 786 or 565 are all available with Vi. Gold mobile numbers can also include a pattern of repetitive numbers like 999 or 222, etc.

To Get a Vi Vanity number/Gold Phone Number follow a few simple steps:

  1. Visit the Vanity number page on the Vi website
  2. Enter basic details like area Pincode and contact number
  3. Select a special number for your vanity number (or) enter a special pattern for golden number SIM card
  4. Choose a number from the available free/premium numbers
  5. Complete your order and get free SIM delivered to your doorstep

Here are some Perks of Buying a Vi Vanity number/Gold Phone Number:

  • Vanity number/Golden number SIM card gives you an edge over others
  • Vanity Mobile numbers are distinct and memorable
  • Gold mobile numbers are unique and easy to share
  • Maintain confidentiality while sharing numbers in public with a vanity number 


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