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Recharge for 401 to get: 1 year Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription, unlimited calls, 3GB/day + 16GB extra for 28 days

Disney+ Hotstar VIPimage
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double data - 4 GB/day

  • Truly Unlimited
  • 1.5 GB/day
  • Talktime
  • SMS
  • 180 Days
  • img
  • Vi™ movies and TV Vi™ movies and TV

    Vi™ movies and TV Vi™ movies and TV

pack details

  • Talktime
  • Data
  • Talktime
  • Validity

    Looking for the best online recharge for your Vi™ Prepaid number? Then you've come to the right place! As a Vi™ customer, you can easily recharge your mobile number online. All you need is visit our website, enter your mobile number and purchase a prepaid recharge amount that suits your needs.

    why opt for an easy mobile recharge on our website?

    • It's the most accessible kind of mobile recharge! Especially when it comes to being 100% safe and secure. At Vi™, we understand the importance of your financial data. As a result, we take the utmost care to secure your transactions using authentic and protective payment gateways. You can buy an online recharge for your prepaid mobile number without a worry, as your debit/credit card details and your online banking details are protected using the best online security out there. Recharging using our website also protects you from any kind of fraud or online theft.
    • Our website offers convenient options and a range of payment methods for easy mobile recharge. You will also find flexible recharge options for a prepaid online recharge on our website. On completion of your transaction, you will be notified instantly about the transaction details on your registered email and mobile number. You can also view your transaction history and account summaries of each of your prepaid online recharge transaction using your account.
    • Get a superfast recharge on our online recharge payment gateway. We not only assure a speedy prepaid recharge but also offer a superior customer experience. You no longer need to wait in a queue at a recharge point. Just access our website for an online recharge or top-up in a click. Our 24x7 customer care also takes care of all your prepaid recharge woes. We always strive to resolve your queries within the shortest turnaround times
    •  You can recharge your prepaid number no matter where you are! You can choose to recharge your mobile number online while you are at home, work, or even while you're on-the-go. As long as you have access to the Internet, you have the freedom to recharge your prepaid number online whenever and from wherever you are. 

    easy online recharge at your fingertips now!

    With our latest online recharge offers and easy recharge packs, you can opt for a plan that suits your balance needs. You're bound to find some amazing deals while recharging your prepaid number online. So, save your time, money and effort by opting for an online recharge! Avail the benefits of the digital experience we offer!

    For a better and happy experience, we have the best data packs to explore from. Depending on the top up amount and desired validity, you can choose from one of our best prepaid recharge plans. Why step out when you can always top-up your talktime from the convenience of your home. Visit our website for an instant and easy phone recharge.

    what's the best part of easy mobile recharge online?

    Vi™ offers multiple payment options including Internet Banking, Debit Card, and Credit Card to make your online mobile recharge experience simple. They provide a seamless experience with faster and more secure transactions. So, what are you waiting for, just go ahead and experience the best way to recharge online on our website today!

    It is our constant endeavour to make online mobile recharges hassle-free for our Vodafone and Idea subscribers. We assure our Vodafone and Idea users continued effortless experience while making online mobile recharges by simplifying the recharging process and assuring safety of their financial transactions.


    FAQs for online recharge 

    what is an online mobile recharge?

    With mobile phones becoming a necessity in our daily lives, the need to top up our talktime has become unavoidable. To make things easy and convenient for you an online mobile recharge has eliminated the need to step out of the house every time for a top-up.

    Using our online mobile recharge services, you can instantly recharge your prepaid number using our website.

    how can I get an online recharge for my prepaid mobile number?

    All you need to do is visit our website. It offers a superior user experience which helps make mobile recharges easy. Just use your debit/credit card or Internet banking to purchase a recharge that suits you best. Visit our prepaid plans page to know more about the various data packs we offer.

    how can I get an online prepaid recharge using a debit/credit card or internet banking?

    • Visit our online recharge page.
    • Enter your prepaid mobile number to browse through the various data packs
    • Select a mobile recharge or enter the amount you wish to recharge for and click on Recharge Now
    • The page will redirect you to a payment gateway
    • Select how you want to make your payment.

    Using Debit/Credit Card: Click on the Debit Card or Credit Card option, depending on how you want to make the payment. Enter your card details and pay securely to instantly recharge your mobile.

    Using Internet Banking: Click on Internet Banking option. Find and select your bank. The page will redirect to your bank website. Enter your details and pay securely.

    How do I find information on various prepaid recharge packs?

    Details on the recharge packs we offer are available on our website for easy online recharge. All you have to do is:

    • Enter your prepaid mobile number on the page and then enter a desired top-up amount
    • Once you enter the amount, similar recharge packs relating to the amount will be displayed

    You can also view multiple easy mobile recharge packs and check your suitability in the below recommended section post entering your mobile number.

    what is the first prepaid recharge plan amount for my prepaid number?

    The minimum FRC for a Vi™ prepaid number’s first mobile recharge is ₹97.

    are there any extra charges applicable on online mobile recharge done using a Debit/Credit Card or Internet Banking?

    No, we do not charge you extra for an online mobile recharge whether you opt for it using a debit/credit card or through Internet banking. Avail a mobile recharge by browsing through our exciting data packs and validity options.

    what to do if I receive a message mobile recharge “Failed”?

    On receiving a message of failed mobile recharge, do not worry. If your transaction was successful and money was deducted from your account, it will be credited back to the respective account within 7 working days. In case, no amount was deducted from your account, please wait for some time and try for the prepaid recharge again.

    is there any cashback offers on online prepaid recharge?

    No, at present we do not have any cashback offers on any amount of prepaid mobile recharge packs.

    can I recharge my Vodafone and Idea mobile number on the new Vi™ website?

    Vodafone and Idea are now Vi™. Yes, you can recharge your Idea or Vodafone number by visiting the recharge page on the Vi™ website. Choose a suitable prepaid recharge plan and a preferred mode of payment to recharge your Idea or Vodafone number.  

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