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Callertunes are any tune or a particular song callers can hear when they call a number instead of the default dial tone. With Vi, access millions of tunes/songs, preview the callertunes and set the latest songs as caller tunes. For example, if you set a song as a caller tune for your callers, they will hear that song when they call you until you answer the phone. This way you can add a little zest of your personality for your callers instead of the boring ringing caller tone.

You can avail of unlimited song change in callertunes with Vi caller tune packs priced at ₹47 and ₹78 that include validities of 28-days and 89-days respectively. 

To Activate Mobile Caller tunes:

  • Buy any of the callertune pack from the Vi App or website
  • Go to the Vi App to browse through various trending tunes and choose the one you like, or search for your favorite song and set it as your caller tune

To Deactivate Mobile Caller tunes:

  • Send a message ‘STOP’ to 155223 (toll free)

Vi users can choose any song with the "Set caller tune" option from Vi's wide collection of ad-free music and use their favorite caller tune song for their callers. Music spanning 20+ languages across genres like romance, melody, classical, bhakti, etc. is available via Hungama Music in the Vi App to set the best caller tune song. 

Yes, you can set different tunes for different sets of callers. Select the option special callers list to set caller tune and play them for specific callers. 

You can greet your callers with your name as your caller tune. For instance: Search for a specific name and select a tune like "Thank you for calling (your name) please wait while they answer your call" These name caller tunes can be set in a language of your choice to please callers in a language they prefer or understand better. 

Conveniently inform your callers of your status with profile tunes when they call you during your away time. This way when you cannot attend a call, your callers will be aware that you are busy at the moment. Enjoying a holiday, busy working, having a peaceful meal, or low on phone battery, choose an appropriate profile tune to alert your callers.

Search for latest, top, best caller tunes and set a caller tune for all your callers or a special caller tune for special set of callers. Recharge Now


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