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What are long time validity plans?

Wouldn’t it be convenient if you didn’t have to recharge your prepaid number periodically to extend its validity? Sometimes, your schedule might be so busy that you might forget to recharge, and when you need to make an urgent call, you may not have sufficient balance to make that call or send that important message. To avoid this kind of an issue, you could recharge your Prepaid number with long-time validity plans. As it is tiresome to recharge frequently, choosing a Prepaid long-time validity plan will certainly be easier. With this in mind, Vi™ has come up with Prepaid long-time validity plans that will help Prepaid users enjoy more benefits for a longer time at reasonable rates.

This article focuses on the salient features of long-time validity Prepaid plans.

Prepaid long-time validity plans


As per your mobile needs, you can choose from a variety of Prepaid plans that provide validity for a longer duration. Currently, Vi™ is offering long-time validity Prepaid plans which are valid for an extended duration of 180 days and 365 days.

 Let’s look into the prices and benefits of these plans.

  • The plan priced at ₹1499 gives access to Vi Movies and TV and has a validity period of 365 days. This plan also includes unlimited local and national calls, 3600 local and national SMS and 24GB data.
  • The ₹2399 long-time validity plan also gives you access to Vi Movies and TV, unlimited local and national calls, 100 local and national SMS per day and 1.5GB data/day. It also lets you enjoy weekend data roll over. That’s right, you can use the unused data of the week during the weekend. This plan is valid for 365 days.
  • This Prepaid long-time validity plan at ₹2595, valid for 365 days, includes the weekend data roll over offer. The other benefits include unlimited calls and 2GB data and 100 SMS per day. With this plan, you have access to ZEE5 Premium and Vi Movies and TV.
  • The long-time validity plan valid for 180 days is available at ₹1197. It also comes with the weekend data rollover offer. Besides this, the plan gives you benefits such as unlimited calls to all networks, 1.5GB data per day and 100 SMS/day. And yes, you also get to enjoy Vi Movies and TV with this plan.

Other Prepaid long-time validity plans

Many of the other Vi™ Prepaid long-time validity plans are valid for 84 days and 56 days. Some of the 84 days plans are valued at ₹819, ₹599, ₹699, etc. These Prepaid long-time validity plans provide an array of benefits such as unlimited calls, SMS, data, weekend data roll over, double data offer, and access to Vi Movies and TV and ZEE5 Premium.

The ₹595, ₹399 and ₹449 plans are valid for 56 days. These plans also let you enjoy weekend data roll over, double data, 1 year of ZEE5 membership and access to Vi Movies and TV. The usual plan benefits include unlimited calling, data availability and SMS. 

Recharge today and don’t miss out on these amazing benefits. Visit to know more about Vi’s long-time validity Prepaid plans.

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