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Inside a SIM card

Staying connected with loved ones is very important. Therefore, it is necessary today to know your SIM card well. This article teaches you about the functionality of a SIM card, ways to purchase it and the steps to order your postpaid SIM.


How does a SIM card work?

Every mobile phone needs a SIM card to connect the user to a mobile network.


A SIM card is an integrated circuit or an IC chip that securely stores the IMSI integrated mobile subscriber identity number and a key that are used to identify the subscriber and connect them to a mobile network via the mobile phone or a computer.


A SIM card contains:


  • International mobile subscriber Identity Number (IMSI)
  • Security authentication and ciphering information
  • Temporary local network information
  • List of services availed by the subscriber
  • 2 passwords: Personal Identity Number (PIN), Personal Unblocking Code (PUC)


Without the SIM card you cannot connect to a mobile network, although you can only dial 999, for security reasons.


Ways to order your SIM card online

1. Through Vi™’s website

2. Through Vi™ app (for existing users)


Through website

  • Visit our New Connectionpage
  • Select a plan of your choice
  • Enter your personal details, email address, mobile number and PIN
  • Check the option whether you want to ‘buy new connection’, ‘upgrade to postpaid’, or ‘port your number’
  • If you want to opt for a new connection, choose from a series of numbers
  • Enter address for postpaid SIM delivery
  • Choose a delivery date
  • Confirm your order
  • Enjoy Vi™ postpaid connection services


Using Vi™ app

  • Download Vi™ app
  • Login to the app
  • Navigate to "Buy New SIM" in the Menu and select "Buy New Postpaid SIM"
  • Order for a SIM card

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