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Types of prepaid SIM cards and how to get them online



A SIM card stands for Subscriber Identity Module. It is a portable memory chip that stores a subscriber’s service key safely. The service key holds all the information that identifies a subscriber on the network and allows him/her to enjoy all services provided by the network.


At its core, a SIM is a mini-computer that functions inside another device like a mobile phone or tablet or PC.  Every SIM card holds the identity and security resources that distinguish them from each other.



Types of SIM cards


There are three types of SIM cards available in the market today and the type of SIM card you use depends on the type of handset you have. They are:


The Standard SIM


These were the oldest SIM types available which were commonly used before 2010 and only a few have been issued thereafter. It measures 25x15mm and is the largest of all SIMs.


Micro SIM (smaller)


The difference between these microchips and the above standard-sized chips lies with the plastic surrounding the microchip. These microchips were designed to make the smartphones slimmer and lighter and they measure 12x15mm. Although their usage has dropped, they are still used in few handsets today.


Nano SIM (smallest)


Nano SIMs were first introduced in the market in 2012. These are the SIMs that most commonly find use in today’s smartphones and measure around 12.3X8.8mm.


Combi SIM


This is a SIM that houses a microchip inside a standard-sized SIM unit. So, whenever you need a smaller microchip, you can simply break it out from the surrounding plastic unit. This type of card caters to various mobile phone networks and is used often.


Most of the prepaid and postpaid cards of today use combi cards, as they cater to the needs of the most current smartphone users.



How to get a Vi™ Prepaid or Postpaid SIM cards?


Vi™ has many plans for both its prepaid and postpaid mobile users.


Either visit a Vi™ store to purchase a new prepaid SIM card or order your new prepaid Vi™ SIM online by visiting the Vi™ Prepaid webpage.


Or, visit the Vi™ postpaid webpage to order a new postpaid SIM to get your Vi™ Postpaid connection. You can also purchase a Vi™ postpaid connection at a nearby Vi™ outlet.


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