How to Upgrade Your Vi™ SIM to 4G

How to upgrade your Vi™SIM to 4G?

4G has taken the mobile industry by storm, since its start a couple of years ago. We know that it is faster than its predecessors-3G and 2G. But there’s so much more for us to dig into. For a glance on what it is, how fast it is and what future benefits it is likely to roll out, read on below.


What is 4G?

4G is the current and the fourth generation of the wireless data transmission networks laid out by the mobile industry. The main idea behind it was to offer greater bandwidth and speeds for all the mobile operations. Back in the 1990s, with 2G technology, the users were only able to make digital calls and send texts. Next, came 3G, that enabled users to download music and videos, make video calls and browse web pages. Although 4G is built on similar lines as that of 3G, it has achieved much higher data speeds.

Nonetheless, 4G has rebuilt the mobile industry in the technical sense. Users can now browse the net and stream videos at speeds we never witnessed before, with their smartphones turning into computers of the modern-day. Download speeds have reached as high as 150Mbps. And Gigabytes of data can be downloaded in seconds, unlike the 3G network that achieved the same in hours.


Uses of 4G

4G undoubtedly has an upper hand over 3G for the following features:

•     Higher download/upload speeds

•     Reduced latency resulting in higher response rates compared to 3G

•     10 times faster than 3G

•     Clear voice calls with zero signal breakage

•     Affordable, flexible and more reliable service

•     Higher data transfer speeds with increased bandwidths

•     Offers uninterrupted connectivity for video conferencing and chats

•     Wider network coverage of over 30 miles

•     Offers complete network security


How to upgrade your Vi™ SIM to 4G?

Now that you know about the multiple 4G network benefits that we just discussed above; you must be more than curious to upgrade your SIM to 4G. However, note that you need to meet the following requirements before you switch to 4G services.

·    4G compatible mobile phone

·    4G compatible SIM

·    4G network

·    4G plan

To switch you can either upgrade to a 4G network with new 4G SIM & connection online:

·    Visit Postpaid connection page

·    Enter your name, mobile number and city

·    Select a new 4G plan

·    Once a plan is selected, you can enter your delivery address

·    Have your 4G SIM delivered at your doorstep


Upgrade an existing non-4G SIM to a 4G SIM or get a new 4G connection altogether,

·    Visit your nearest Vi™ store

·    Submit a CAF form with all the necessary documents

·    Get your 4G SIM

·    Your SIM will be activated in 24 hours once received


Things to note:

•  The 4G SIM is available for free

•  Vi™ 4G is now available in all parts of India covering several towns and cities

With your new Vi™ 4G SIM in hand, enjoy uninterrupted 4G services – like watch movies, play video games, enjoy live video streaming and lots more.


Happy Vi™ services!

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