Stay Home Stay Safe Go Digital

Unlock the power of Digital - Stay Home, Stay Safe.


As we battle with COVID-19,one of the most dangerous pandemic that mankind has ever seen, the most important safety measure to be taken is to avoid going out or interacting with a group of people, since the source of transmission is difficult to trace. Given the scenario, it is extremely imperative to stay indoors and ensure your safety and your family’s. So, stay home and stay safe.


While you might have a lot of time at your disposal, you can look at it as an opportunity to engage in activities you didn’t get the time for in the past. Here’s how you can stay connected and go digital.


1.       One of the things you might be worried about is not seeing your friends and family who are not with you presently. Ensure you are connected over calls and video calls at regular intervals.


2.       You can also perform tasks together, like cooking meals or virtually celebrating small occasions to beat the pangs of missing your family.


3.       Invest in yourself – enrol in FREE short-term academic courses pertaining to your area of interest and gain more knowledge on subject matters.


4.       Take out time to watch movies and favourite TV shows – be it classics or all-time favourites. Stream with your friends remotely from your respective homes.


5.       Manage completing tasks online – be it ordering groceries, bank transactions or buying a postpaid connection.


 Wondering how to order a postpaid SIM onlineFollow these simple steps –


1.       Visit the Vi™ website hereand enter your name, mobile number and city

2.       Select the plan

3.       Share the SIM delivery address & delivery date

4.       Confirm via OTP

5.       Your order will be successfully placed

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