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How to port mobile number from one state to another, this lockdown?


While the announcement of the lockdown was made in the interest of the citizens’ well-being, it did leave us with very little time to come to terms with it and make necessary arrangements of moving to where we wanted to be. You could be one of them who didn’t make it home in time – be it as a student pursuing a course in another city, or as a professional working away from home or maybe a tourist exploring another city. But in today, staying connected to your loved ones back home isn’t a herculean task either.


One of the things you need to ensure is that your SIM card operates on the network of the circle you are currently a part of. How to port mobile number from one state to another might have been a doubt in your head but you haven’t tried the process. A lot of people think this is not required, given that call charges remain the same across states, but they might be missing out on understanding the REAL rationale of this step. This is important for enjoying better coverage, avoiding call drops and enjoying faster network for seamless and uninterrupted services. Other than an opportunity to avail better quality of service, this is a government mandate. Your Postpaid bill serves as proof of address in KYC processes such as for taking a gas connection for your home, for rent agreement or any other use. Hence, it is recommended to opt for National Mobile Number Portability (NMNP) process as soon as your place of stay does not match with the place where you might have purchased your SIM from.



What is MNP?


Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is a process whereby your existing number can be retained while you switch to our Vi™ network. It takes between 6 to 7 days to switch from another operator to Vi™ network and on completion of the process, you will be informed about your new number being activated.  MNP process can be of three types:


·         From another operator to Vi™

·         From Vi™ Prepaid to Vi™ Postpaid

·         Vi™ Postpaid from one state to another (NMNP)



What is NMNP?


National Mobile Number Portability (NMNP) is a special type of MNP which is done when a person moves from one state to another. The process of NMNP is the same as that of MNP and by following simple steps, you can complete your mobile number portability while you are at home!



Steps to Port Mobile Number from one state to another

1.       Visit the Vi™ website to access the online mobile number portability in India

2.       Click on the MNP page and enter your name, mobile number and city

3.       Select the plan to port the SIM online

4.       Share the SIM delivery address & delivery date

5.       Confirm via OTP

6.       And your order will be successfully placed


We will get in touch with you after the confirmation of the order to schedule the delivery, basis the time slot most convenient to you.

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