How to Test Your Mobile Data Speed

How to test your mobile data speed


It is now possible to know your internet data speeds after every usage, from time to time. All thanks to Vi™'s Vi™ app. It lets you capture every instance of your data speed wherever and whenever you want. In this article, we’ll explore how you can measure your data speeds from the Vi™ app.


What is Data Speed Test?


A data speed test is the analysis of internet access performance metrics such as downloads (files received), uploads (files shared) and ping values (loading speeds in response to clicks).


Why is it important to know your data speeds?


Knowing your data speeds and tallying it with the speed levels offered in your data plans goes miles in knowing how much value for money you’re getting.


Tips on testing mobile data speed



1.  Make sure your mobile data is not being used


While your data speed test is on, please ensure that your mobile data is not being used by anyone else. See that the speed test tool is the only thing using your data connection with no other apps downloading or running in the background. Only if the above conditions are met, will you be able to track the exact data speeds. Failing to do so will show you low-speed numbers.



2.  Measure data speed multiple times


A single test of your data speed won’t give you exact speed values. Data speeds should be measured preferably at different times during the day. For instance, if you measure your speed at mid-night, you can discover greater speeds, whereas if you test data speed in the evening, the speeds will be lower due to higher usage levels. Doing so will help you gauge on average speed values accurately.



How to test Vi™ Data Speed


Vi™ empowers its subscribers to test the speed of their mobile data anytime they want.


To go to the ‘Speed Test’ tool:


  •    Tap on ‘More’ menu on the bottom right corner of the Vi™ app home page
  •    Then, tap on the ‘More from Vi™ drop down option
  •    Select ‘Speed Test’ from the list
  •    Tap the ‘Start’ button
  •    A speed checker with digital displays of download speed, upload speed and ping values will be shown
  •    Download speeds: These are the speeds at which you can receive/load information from the internet. The greater this speed, the     faster your web pages and content load. It is expressed in     Megabits per sec or Mbps
  •    Uploading speeds: These are speeds with which you can share or send information from your device to the internet. Generally, it     is lesser than the download speeds
  •    Ping values: These are the values that determine the loading times as we click on the links or send messages


*Note: The above tests are valid and/or similar for both Wi-Fi and mobile internet.


So, wait no more! Empower your friends and family today, to test their Wi-Fi and mobile internet speeds on the Vi™ app! Help them enjoy seamless 4G data/voice services with Vi™ Postpaid Plans & Prepaid plans.

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