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How to get unlimited data on Vi™? 

You are part of a highly digitized world - A world where people are dependent on a strong internet connection to virtually communicate with each other. Now, more than ever, you are dependent on your mobile data for your professional and personal online work. Therefore, the availability of unlimited data on your mobile is essential for you to make that video call; send a quick email, text or voice message; download important apps on to your phone; et al. This article focuses on how to get unlimited data with Prepaid and Postpaid plans on Vi™.


Prepaid plans with unlimited data

™ Prepaid plans are loaded with great benefits that meet your mobile needs. With unlimited data on Prepaid plans, you can now browse for longer hours without worrying about exhausting your data. There are various Vi™ Prepaid plans that provide a large amount of data per day, with a data limit starting from 1GB. These unlimited data plans also include additional offers such as the weekend data rollover, which lets you use the unused data of the week during the weekend.


Another benefit of the Prepaid unlimited data plan is the lucrative double data offer. Through this offer, you can select a plan and avail the double data benefit. Do note, the double data offer is applicable only on specific Prepaid plans.


Postpaid plans with unlimited data 

By subscribing to Vi™ Postpaid plans, you can get unlimited data access on select plans priced at
₹699 (Entertainment Plus plan) and ₹1099 (Vi™ REDX plan). These unlimited data connectivity Postpaid plans is for personal use only and are not for commercial purposes. To know more about these plans, click here.


The Vi™ REDX unlimited data Postpaid plan provides a range of add-on benefits which include subscriptions to Netflix and Amazon Prime at no extra cost, complimentary access to international and national airport lounges, international calling and much more.


ViPostpaid plans with unlimited data ensure a seamless 4G experience.


So, join the Vi™ network today and enjoy the unlimited data provided by the Prepaid and Postpaid plans, tailored to meet your needs. 


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