Contactless SIM Delivery

How are we doing contactless delivery during COVID?


As COVID continues to extend its legs across the world, making work from home the new normal, we know it has become all the more important that you get a strong network on your phone to keep you well connected with your office, family and friends. We, at Vi™, are striving hard to provide the SIM that you have requested for, at your doorstep, ensuring that you get it in the safest manner possible. We have implemented many measures to ensure your safety.


Delivery Partner Training


We have made an SOP for all our delivery partners and are ensuring proper training:


  • To go for delivery in the best of health (no fever/cough/sneezing)
  • To wear masks and gloves for safety
  • To never shake hands – Namaste only!
  • To wash hands with soap at all intervals and to apply hand sanitizers before delivering the SIM
  • Not to consume any food or drinking item at the customer’s residence
  • Not to move about much inside the customer premises. Avoid sitting in customer premises if possible. Not to touch anything inside the premises, maintaining adequate distance at all times with the customer
  • To place SIM/documents on the table for KYC


Distribution of masks and sanitizers


We have distributed masks and sanitizers to the delivery partners. We are ensuring that at the start of the day, we ensure all the mandatory checks are being followed. 


So, don’t wait, just visit our website here and place your order for a prepaid SIMor postpaid SIMwithout a worry.


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