Voice Mail

With our new and upgraded voice mail service, you never miss out on important calls even when your phone is switched off or out of coverage. You will be alerted via SMS whenever a new voice message is received. What’s more, you can retrieve messages at your own convenience from any phone, anywhere. Here are some FAQs of the upgraded service:

What’s new after the upgrade?

Will all my settings be preserved after the upgrade?

How can I set my PIN after it has been reset due to the upgrade?

Is there an exception to numbers that can’t be set as PIN?

How can I set a greeting message?

What is Mailbox Name?

How can I record and set a Mailbox Name?

Can I activate both greeting message and Mailbox Name simultaneously?

Will the distribution list be recovered after the upgrade?

How does my VMS account get locked?

How can i reset my PIN if i forget it?

What are the settings to customize my Voice Mail message?