Vi Postpaid Plans FAQs

How is Vi Postpaid Plans an All-In-One plan?

If you subscribe to any of the Postpaid Plans you will receive voice, data and SMS benefits for a single monthly rental.


How can I get activated on Vi Postpaid Plans?

You may visit your nearest Vi store, contact the call centre on 199 or activate your plan online.


What happens if I run out of my data or SMS allowance for the month?

If your data or SMS allowance is exhausted, the following charges of additional usage will apply:

  • 2G/3G/4G data: 50p/MB
  • SMS: 50p/SMS


Is there a limit for voice quota on new Individual Postpaid Plans?

No, the new 499, 699 & 1099 Plans give you Unlimited local + National calls.


Can I buy extra data or SMS packs if I run out of my allowance for the month?

You can either upgrade to a higher postpaid plan or you can choose to add 1 GB, 2 GB & 3 GB data packs to your existing postpaid plan.


Can I buy roaming packs available in the market?

You can also buy National and International Roaming packs available in the market. In a group scenario, the roaming benefit is not shared and is only applicable for the specific individual who has taken the pack.


What is the internet speed for the new postpaid plans?

New postpaid plans will offer 2G / 3G as well as 4G speeds, depending on the capability of your handset and SIM as well as the network available in your city. The new postpaid plans are 4G enabled.