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The cheapest International Roaming options today!



International trips are always fun. You get to explore a whole new world and the people back home see it through your eyes. To share your experience, you post a picture or make a call to describe the fun. For all this to happen, you need to stay connected. The best and pocket-friendly option is to get an international roaming pack.


At Vi™, we know what matters to you the most! It’s not only about low costs but also the fact that you receive great value for money with the features and services of an IR packs. To address these concerns, we offer some of the best and cheapest options of IR packs for most of the popular international destinations around the world.


For our postpaid subscribers, we have IR packs that are ideal for those desiring flexibility and the most value while travelling overseas.


For instance, the cheapest plan that exists for postpaid users is the ₹599 international roaming pack. With a single-day validity, you get free unlimited incoming calls as well as outgoing calls to local numbers plus calls to India. Additionally, the pack benefits also include free outgoing SMS and mobile data.


For more information on the international roaming data and voice plan benefits, visit our international roaming page, enter your mobile number, choose your destination and the number of days you’re travelling to browse through and select the best option without worrying about high IR charges.


Alternatively, you can also log in to the Vi™ app to find out about our affordable IR packs. To get a bird's-eye view of our comprehensive range of international roaming plans, read through our blog on unlimited IR pack options.


Enjoy staying connected on all your international travels with the best data and voice benefits offered on our IR plans.


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