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How to activate International Roaming

Whether it's for a sudden international business meet or a whimsical long weekend holiday abroad. The question that often comes to our mind before we travel is "how to stay in touch with friends & family back home".


We at Vi™ offer the best IR plansthat are hand-picked to suit any of your requirements. We also know how pressed for time you are and have made activating an international roaming pack as easy as possible. Connect with your near and dear ones back home by activating International Roaming while being away on business or leisure abroad.


How to activate an International Roaming pack through our website?

Step 1: Visit our website and navigate to the International Roaming page

Step 2: Enter your 10-digit mobile number along with the place of travel and the number of travel days

Step 3: Choose a relevant pack from the packs displayed

Step 4: Click on Get Pack to pay and activate IR.


How to activate International Roaming pack through our app?

Step 1: Download the Vi™ appfrom Google Play Store

Step 2: Sign in using your 10-digit mobile number

Step 3: Go to the Main Menu >> International Roaming >> Country name >> Select pack >> Activate


Once an IR pack is active, you can automatically connect to our preferred partner operators for the best services & experience.


Please note: Allow us a TAT of 30 mins for activation of an IR pack after placing a request. You can easily pay the IR deposit online or at any of our Vi™ stores. Payment updation requires a maximum of 24 hours. On request, the deposit might be adjusted in the upcoming bills post the deactivation of IR services.


Not looking for a pack?

Activate our International Roaming service at just ₹199/month and enjoy staying connected with free incoming SMS. You will keep receiving bank alerts and OTP for transactions. With this IR service, you can also place a call to customer care on the tollfree number for any assistance abroad.


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