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What makes lucky mobile numbers important?



Change is the only constant in our lives today. We change homes, addresses, cities, workplaces, and mobile phones. And sometimes our mobile numbers are subject to change. But this change can be a bit challenging, for, it is our phone numbers that become our identity- whether among family, friends or social media.


We choose our mobile numbers based on set preferences. We pick specific numbers either because they are catchy, sometimes because they are astrologically lucky and because we feel they are easy to remember by friends and other contacts.


Let us find out what Vi™ has in store for its number-savvy customers.


Vi™ Lucky Numbers


At Vi™, we realise your mobile number preferences and have come up with customised offerings of favourite lucky/fancy numbers, readily available for you.


Whether you want to match up your phone number with your birthday, wedding anniversary or with any special day that feels personal to you, we have it right there for you. Apart from lucky numbers, we also have a huge database of fancy and premium numbers that fit your tastes. Also, in the offing, is a list of free numbers that you can choose from.


Here’s how we choose a lucky number for you



Once you enter your lucky number before ordering your Vi™ SIM online, we present a set of numbers that best suit your preferences from our directory.


For instance, if your lucky number is 5, the addition of the digital count of your mobile number should be 5. So, Vi™. will bring before you a variety of phone numbers based on these criteria.


A phone number has a huge bearing on your contact lists’ mind, whether you’re into a business or even looking to create a niche with your job skills in the market, with fancy numbers, you stand an even greater chance of creating visibility with respect to your own professional image in the job market or in branding for your own business.


Say goodbye to the older ways of buying SIMs when you had to wait in long queues or visit stores, before you got to pick a number, not necessarily of your choice, making it harder to find fancy numbers.


So, what are you waiting for?


Buy your favourite Vi™ lucky number on the Vi™ postpaid website and have a rich calling and data experience with one of India’s fastest 4G networks.

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