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How to Buy VIP Mobile Number Online?


Rahul: Hello! Raj, is that you?

Raj: Of course, it's me...

Rahul: I can't believe it; I am speaking to you after 12 years.

Raj: Yes, and only because I kept the same number for the last 12 years.


Sounds familiar? From friends to family or banking to social media, our phone numbers are our single most important identity in our digital lives.


We might change our home address, jobs or mobile devices now and then. But the truth is that most people find it hard to change their mobile number because over the years they get attached to it and in time it becomes a part of their identity. To them, their phone numbers are a specific set of digits that are unique to them. They chose these numbers as they are special, catchy or sometimes even personal.


At Vi™, we realize these facts and have crafted our offerings accordingly. Now whenever you order a SIM online, you can easily pick the number - free, lucky, or VIP number - of your choice. You may choose from our list of free numbers or premium numbers if you are looking for something special.


Why Should You Choose a Fancy/VIP Mobile Number?


1. You can match it to any of your special dates, anniversaries, birthdays etc.

2. You can match your free, lucky or VIP phone number to other numbers like bank accounts or your car's license plate

3. Your family members can pick numbers which are either adjacent or have the same pattern

4. And last but not the least it could purely be based on numerology


Earlier you had to visit our stores for your choice of numbers. And sometimes you didn't even find the number you were looking for due to limited availability. However, with the launch of our online SIM Ordering Portal, a wide range of choices are open to you, making it easy and convenient for you to find a suitable lucky/fancy or VIP mobile number.


The importance of choice numbers in business is also very high. With everything a business does to stay relevant in the modern age, its phone number is an integral part of its personal and product branding. Customers are also more likely to recall a vanity or a VIP/premium number with branding compared to a purely numeric number.


Take control of your life. Order a SIM online, choose your number and enjoy India's fastest growing 4G network now!



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