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How to avoid bill shock while travelling overseas


Are you planning a trip abroad? Going on holiday is always a wonderful feeling. However, you may be worried about staying connected while you’re there because of high calling and data charges. Well, Vi™ can help make your international travel experience a pleasant one with seamless international roaming packs.


With a few tips and our international roaming packs you can stay in touch with family and friends without any hassles. Read on below to see how.


The first thing you must remember is that when you’re travelling abroad, your phone automatically connects you to a local service provider in the country you visit. If you’re not well informed or haven’t planned your phone usage, you’ll be in for heavy charges not just for outgoing calls but also for incoming calls, and basic data usage too.


So how to handle this issue?


1. Turn off your data roaming



As much as possible try turning off your data roaming services while travelling abroad. Most countries today provide complimentary Wi-Fi services that are free. So, use these free Wi-Fi services and start saving on your data to avoid a heavy international bill shock.


2. Turn off location services



Location services like GPS use some amount of your data to accurately pinpoint your handset’s location. So, you must switch them off. You can also turn off push notifications and updates sent by your apps because they consume most of your data even while they run in the background.


3. Avoid streaming video and music



Streaming videos on Youtube or NetFlix can cost you thousands, even in your home country, let alone a foreign land. One fix to this problem is to fully avoid streaming while you travel. You could simply download videos and movies that you want to watch just before you travel. Little cautions like these can save you a thousand.


4. Data Compressors



There are a few apps that help you save around 50% of data. Download them and use compressed data to save on data charges. It’s a good thing that most of these apps are available for free on both Apple and Android app stores.



5. Use Vi™’s international roaming Free Packs



Vi™’s international roaming free packs help save while you stay connected with family and friends abroad. It provides unlimited voice and data calls which eliminates worrying about high International Roaming Packs.


Planning to travel soon?


To get started just visit the Vi™ International Roaming Page, enter your phone number, choose your destination country and number of travel days and fly off to your dream destination.

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