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4 reasons why you should start paying bills online



When online payment platforms were first introduced people were quite hesitant with the idea of paying bills online. They had questions like:


  • Will my money reach the intended location?
  • Will my money be robbed?
  • Can someone take control of my finances?
  • Am I handing off my finances to some mysterious online agent?
  • If I share my account number online, will it be safe from theft?

But in reality, people were only clinging to the idea of making manual bill payments through cheque and physical stores.


However, this is no longer the scene today. Vi™ now allows its subscribers to make bill payments on-the-fly. Subscribers now are increasingly depending on Vi™ online bill payment platforms and automating chunks of their bill payment chores with us.


If you need to make a payment now, visit the Vi™ bill payment page now to make quick postpaid bill payments online.


Let see how Vi™ online bill payments can make your life easier:


1. Quicker, Easier, Safer


Say good-bye to late bill payments and the old mail billing system. Online bill payments are much faster, safer and more efficient- all thanks to Vi™’s digital billing platforms. Just log in and make your bill payments on-the-go.


Along with an added layer of security, online mobile/web payment gateways also save you from the worry of bank cheque over-drafts. That’s not all, when you share your basic card information on the Vi™ billing form online none of your sensitive information is stored online.


2.  Autopay/Easy Pay Options


Use the Autopay option to auto-schedule your bill payments and to never miss a due date. They Autopay feature also helps you avoid late fee charges. Just log on to our bill payment page to set and modify your Autopay settings anytime, or from anywhere.



3. Help Save the Planet


Switching from paper to having your bills emailed to you is the first step towards preserving Earth’s resources. It also ensures you save energy and fuel needed to process, print and mail your paper bills. Online bill payments are a sure-shot winner in terms of environmental protection.


4. Stay Organised


Going online helps you be a more organized individual enabling you to declutter your bills. However, you may feel, going to the billing counter and making payments in cash or cheque is simpler. With online bill payments, you can achieve complete transparency by gaining access to all your payment records, dates and dues.


Vi™ also allows you to use Paytm, UPI, LazyPay and many other platforms where bills can be paid in a jiffy. You don’t even need to login to different accounts with different passwords, just have a single account and make all your payments from any bank account, anywhere.


It’s time you leave behind the worries of billing due dates or late payment charges and focus your energy on the more important things in life while staying organized with Vi™’s online bill payments.


Visit for all your payments and transaction histories today.

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