Vi Astrology VAS Services

Live Astrology

For all your starry questions - be it on health, career, finance or romance - just call and talk to an AstroBuddy directly. Dial 51717 to get connected to an AstroBuddy. You will be charged Rs. 14 per minute.

Talk to astrologer with on vastu, kundli and various other issues. Call 579211 at Rs 9 per minute. 


Nyassa Voice Alerts

If you’d like to know how the stars will wield their power on your day, subscribe and tell us your sun sign. You will then receive a call with a recording of your personalized prediction every day.


Dial 53490(toll free) to subscribe.


Charges: Rs. 36 per Month

Deactivation Procedure: SMS STOP to 155223 (Toll Free)

Activation & Deactivation TAT: 30 Mins