How to enable VoLTE?


VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE(Long-Term Evolution), an advanced technology that enables voice calls over 4G LTE rather than the standard network. VoLTE offers better voice quality and reduces background noise for natural, real-life-like conversations. Experience all the remarkable benefits of Vi VoLTE:

  1. High-Definition Call Quality
  2. Faster Call Setup Time
  3. Uninterrupted 4G Data Simultaneously with 4G Voice Calls
  4. Better Coverage and Consistent Network Connectivity
  5. In-built Video Call Support over VoLTE without Third-Party Applications
  6. Automatically Switches to a Standard Voice Call in Case of no VoLTE Coverage
  7. No Additional Data Consumption Charges


All handsets launched after January 2020 are eligible for Vi VoLTE. To make calls via the VoLTE network, ensure you have a VoLTE-supported handset and a 4G SIM card. Enable the VoLTE voice calling feature from your device settings, or call 198 for further assistance.

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