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Work from Home and Double Data Offers

As the pandemic continues, people remain confined to the safety of their homes, with work from home becoming the new trend.  Under the current circumstances, following strict safety measures combined with a robust digital network will enable you to overcome many of the challenges of staying at home.

At Vi™, we are committed towards digitization and meeting the surge in data consumption arising out of the continuous work from home conditions of many professionals. To ensure that work from home is smooth and effective, Vi™ has introduced a host of lucrative work from home data packs and double data offers which make it feasible for you to attend to your daily online office work or participate in important virtual meetings and also stay connected to your favourite OTT platforms for your entertainment.

Let’s get to know a little more in detail about some of these work from home data packs and double data offers.


what are the pack benefits?

At an affordable price of rupees 351, you can enjoy 100GB data for 56 days.  With the rupees 251 work from home pack, a user can avail the benefit of 50GB data valid for 28 days.

The double data offer for 28 days, available at rupees 98 is extremely useful as it provides a benefit of 12GB data with an additional 12GB of data.

As per need, Vi™ also has smaller data packs like the 1GB data pack for 24 hours at rupees 16 and the 3GB data pack at rupees 48 for 28 days.

Recharge with data packs now.


In this pandemic when almost everyone is working from home and people are depending more and more on the Internet, it is advantageous to utilise the pocket-friendly work from home packs put together by Vi™.

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