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How to Pay Vi™ Bills Online through UPI Payment Method


Many have adopted cashless payments, whether it is for making bill payments or recharges, all thanks to the UPI- Unified Payments Interface. Because of its simplicity, speed and level of security, more and more people are using many UPI supporting apps. Keep reading below, and you can learn the simple steps required for paying bills for your Vi™ number.



Benefits of UPI
  • Free of charge for making bill payments
  • Complete bank account privacy is achieved because you never share your bank account number, CVV, but only use your virtual payment address which gives no clue about bank details
  • Ideal for quick and small payments
  • Works 24 /7 which means even if banks are closed due to strikes, UPI payments are unaffected
  • Instant & secure
  • A single app, multiple accounts, meaning you can use any app that supports UPI irrespective of the app that your bank promotes
  • Request money facility enables the payer to make a payment approval before making payment


Steps to Make a Bill Payment Using UPI


  • Visit the Vi™ Postpaid Bill payment webpage.
  • Enter the mobile number for which you're paying the bill.
  • Enter your bill amount.
  • On Payment gateway select UPI as payment option
  • Enter your UPI ID.
  • Next, a collect request will be sent to your UPI/Banking app.
  • Once you accept the payment request, the bill amount will be automatically debited from your account and you'll be notified on your mobile about it.

UPI promises a digital future with cashless payments for you, me and all of us. It is surely going to stir a new world order in the payment economy.


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