Weekend Data Rollover

  carry forward your unused daily data of weekdays to weekend with Vi™ Unlimited Recharges


what is weekend data rollover?

Now carry forward your unused data daily of weekdays to weekends only with Vi™!

Weekend Roll over is a data saver benefit which allows unused daily data quota on weekdays (Monday to Friday) to be accumulated and made available for use only on the weekends. i.e. Saturday & Sunday.

All this at NO EXTRA Cost! Available on recharge with all Unlimited packs with daily quota starting ₹ 249

who is eligible for it?

All Vi™ Prepaid customers can enjoy this EXCLUSIVE offer by recharging with the unlimited packs with daily data given below.

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how does it work?

Your un-utilised data in weekdays gets collected automatically and transferred to you for use on weekends, i.e. Saturday and Sunday.


whats new?


You can now enjoy Netflix this weekend (5th and 6th Dec) absolutely FREE for the 1st time ever!


Recharge with Vi Unlimited packs with daily data starting Rs 249 and carry forward your unused data during the week to binge watch this weekend and enjoy the Netflix StreamFest! 


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which MRPs are applicable?

Available on Unlimited recharges with daily data of Rs 249 or above.



  1. what is weekend rollover?

    Weekend Roll over is a data saver functionality wherein unused daily data quota from the weekdays is accumulated and is made available for use only on the weekends. i.e. Saturday & Sunday, Available for Unlimited daily data recharge of 249 and above/

  2. who's eligible for weekend data roll over?

    Weekend Roll over benefit is eligible for all prepaid customers recharging with unlimited daily data recharge of 249 and above                                                                                                                   
  3. what happens to my daily data quota on the weekend?

    The daily data quota offered with the unlimited product will be available for use.
    On weekend along with the daily data quota offered by Unlimited product, the unutilized data roll over accumulated from Mondays 00:00Hrs (12 Midnight) to 2359Hrs (12 midnight) on Friday will be available for use.

  4. do I use my roll over data before I use my daily data quota?

    The Fixed data quota accumulated will have be utilised from your data balance 1st followed by the daily data quota during the weekends                                                                                                                                                      
  5. where can I see how much Roll over data I have?

    Weekend Roll over data accumulated will be available in the APP widget section. You can also dial *199# to know your balance

  6. what will happen to roll-over data for unlimited packs near expiry? will week-end rollover work for unlimited packs which are expiring or expired?

    The week-end rollover benefit will start only post recharge of eligible Unlimited recharges post launch date of Rollover offer.
    For utilizing the benefit of roll-over data for unlimited packs near expiry, customers need to recharge within pack validity. Customers recharging within pack validity will be able to accumulate and carry forward the daily data benefit of unlimited packs which are expiring or expired. In-case customer doesn’t recharge within pack validity, they will forfeit the accumulated data.

  7. i have double data benefit which is offered with my unlimited recharge. will the weekend roll over benefit be extended to the double data quota  ?

    Yes. The weekend rollover will apply to the full double data quota

  8. when do I lose my roll over data?

    The weekend roll over fixed data is available for use only between Saturdays 00:00Hrs (12 Midnight) to 2359Hrs (12 midnight) on Sundays.
    The unutilized data from roll over and daily data quota will lapse post this time frame.

  9. what happens to the unutilized roll over quota in case of expiry of my unlimited pack and the next eligible recharge is done after few days?

    In case of any gap between previous pack expiry and new eligible UL recharge, the previous unused roll-over benefit will get forfeited and new quota will start afresh from the new UL recharge date.

  10. is there a capping for Weekend Roll over Quota Usage?

    There is no capping. All unutilized daily data pack quota will be rolled over for use over the weekend.

  11. what happens when I exhaust my weekend data roll over?

    Post weekend fixed data roll over quota exhaustion, the unlimited daily data quota usage will start.

  12. is this benefit available on post-paid plans as well?

    Our post-paid Plans offer far more lucrative benefits on DATA with No daily limit on Data usage
    Also the unutilised data in your post-paid plan can be carried forward for future use without any restriction
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  13. what are the mrps where-in Week-end data roll-over is eligible?

    Please find the list of MRPs


    Pack Type




    28 Days



    28 Days



    28 Days



    28 Days 



    56 Days



    56 Days



    56 Days 



     70 Days



    77 Days



     56 Days



    56 days



    84 Days



    84 Days



    84 Days



    84 Days


    Vivo Offer

    84 Days


    Home Credit offer

    365 Days 



    365 days



    365 days

  14. Is the weekend data rollover offer on the Vi™ website applicable for existing Vodafone and Idea users?

    As Vodafone and Idea are now Vi™, weekend data rollover offer is also applicable for existing Vodafone and Idea users.
  1. This is a Promotional offer which is applicable from 19th Oct ,2020 to 17th Jan, 2021.

  2. Roll over is only on VIL prepaid Unlimited call and Daily Data quota packs of Rs. 249 & above.

  3. Unused Daily Data quota from weekdays (Mon to Fri – 0000 hrs to 2400 hrs) for VIL prepaid subscribers availing these packs will be accumulated and made available for use only on weekends. i.e. Saturday & Sunday (0000 hrs to 2400 hrs). Any unused data will be forfeited post applicable week (ie. post 2400 hrs of Sunday).

  4. Vodafone Idea Limited (VIL) reserves the right to discontinue, modify or withdraw the roll over or other product features subject to TRAI regulations. 

  5. To continue availing the roll over benefit, subscriber needs to avail packs as mentioned in Point 1 above within the validity period.

  6. The details of the accumulated data will be available for subscribers in the Vi app/USSD (*199#)