IoT Connectivity Management Platforms

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way businesses operate around the world. It is helping different businesses open up new revenue streams, improve efficiency across the board, and get a clear view of their supply chains, assets and operations


However, managing numerous IoT deployments across different operations can be tiresome and confusing. Which is why, our IoT Connectivity Management Platform provides an easy-to-use, self-service web interface that lets you centrally manage, control & monitor connectivity options for your IoT SIMs at any point. It lets you access vital information to help reduce the costs of deploying and maintaining your IoT SIMs.

Access and manage your IoT SIMs directly

Make secure end-to-end transactions with private APN services

Avail of reports in flexible formats

Facilitate multitasking with background reporting

Stay on top of your IoT deployments through a single window of visibility with APIs

Plan the IoT SIM lifecycle management for your products

Manage multiple customer hierarchies from the same interface

Secure your connectivity with 2-factor authentication

Support use cases of B2B2C through multipoint SMS

Manage and control connectivity of end devices with frame routing

Reduce your operational costs by remotely managing your IoT SIMs

Have overall control, visibility and manageability of IoT SIMs

Save on costs by preventing SIM misuse and detecting faulty SIMs

Enable enhanced customer experiences

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