Simpa Networks sells solar powered inverters to households and shops in rural India

Business Challenge

Simpa wanted to track energy consumption of their solar power units in real-time, so that they could correctly charge customers
Our Solution

• With the help of Vi Managed IoT Connectivity Platform, we securely connected the units that they sold to customers through a private APN

• We also provided Simpa with our highly resilient IoT SIM Connectivity solution that could survive high operating temperatures
Business Impact

• Our Managed IoT Connectivity Platform gave Simpa complete visibility of their inverters and enabled them to track energy consumption in real time. As a result, they could charge their customers correctly, thus streamlining their revenues

• Our durable IoT SIM Connectivity solution ensures that Simpa had uninterrupted access to their remote units

• Our nationwide coverage and Managed IoT Connectivity Platform deliver seamless connectivity and complete control of their every IoT SIM

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