Mahindra REVA is a pioneer of electric vehicle technologies and designs and is among the most experienced electric vehicle manufacturers in the world. The company specialised compact electric vehicles

Business Challenge

Mahindra REVA had conceptualised a new breed of connected cars which enabled owners and service teams to remotely access various features and functions of their vehicle. To make this dream a reality, they needed to connect their vehicles over data, both, within India and globally
Our Solution

The secure Vi Managed IoT Connectivity Platform established data connectivity between Mahindra REVA’s cars, using our strong IoT network
Business Impact

• With the reliable Vi Business’s reliable Managed IoT Connectivity Platform, drivers can now remotely access various features of their vehicle, using a  smartphone app or a dedicated webpage. The app can be used to monitor the status of the car’s battery, control its air-conditioning, lock  or unlock doors, find the nearest charging station, and offer several other innovative features 

• This was implemented in Mahindra REVA’s e2o-a connected car that automatically provided SMS alerts when a door was left unlocked, a parking brake was not applied, or a charging point was found to be faulty

• The company’s service teams use our Managed IoT Connectivity Platform to monitor a vehicle's condition and proactively warn drivers when issues are likely to arise

• Through our solutions, Mahindra REVA were able to build a customer experience that set a high benchmark for their competitors 

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