improving CESC's billing accuracy

Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation (CESC) is one of India’s oldest and most profitable electric utilities company.

Business Challenge

• CESC were looking to significantly improve operations by reducing manual processes and introducing higher levels of automation

• There was a need to control costs and improve the quality of service and power supply for customers
Our Solution

• Vi Business helped CESC roll out an automated meter reading solution that improved their billing accuracy, cut costs and boosted customer satisfaction

• We enabled CESC with a smart metering solution, using our  IoT SIMs Connectivity solution  coupled with our Managed IoT Connectivity, to transmit users’ power consumption data back to CESC 

• We also installed our IoT SIM Connectivity solution in their Distribution Transformer (DT) meters, to help them monitor and resolve power supply problems caused by overloading on the network
Business Impact

• CESC’s meter reading accuracy increased to over 99%, which helped improve their customer service and cash flow, while reducing operational costs

• Our IoT SIM Connectivity solution installed in their Distribution Transformer (DT) meters helped detect overloading and improve the quality of power supply

• Our comprehensive network coverage ensures that CESC offered an ‘always-on’ service

• Our specialised IoT support ensures that all issues are quickly addressed and fixed

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