Tata Motors Limited is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in India

Business Challenge

• Tata Motors were looking to offer more value to fleet owners and differentiate themselves in the market by helping them improve their operational efficiency 

• They were looking for a strong IoT partner to support their truck telematics service, Tata FleetMan™,which was being offered to their customers 
Our Solution

• Vi  Business deployed several solutions to power Tata FleetMan™ Through our  IoT SIM Connectivity solution on GIGAnet they were able to get  point-to-point data communication with incoming SMS’es. This helped remotely manage the truck telematics unit 

• Our Managed IoT Connectivity Platform helped them manage the deployed IoT SIMs better and helped prevent misuse

• We provided them with bar-coded IoT SIMs to better manage the SIM inventory at their warehouses 

• To tie this together, we offered dedicated service and support for their solution
Business Impact

• With the help of our solutions Tata Motors is able to provide a host of additional benefits to fleet owners

• They can provide real-time vehicle tracking, set up geo-fencing for specific vehicle travel zones and also monitor the engine idle time  for all their trucks

• If required, they can send email/SMS alerts for over-speeding, stoppage, main supply removal, entering/exiting a geo-fence, harsh braking and harsh acceleration, etc. 

• The solution helped them remotely manage trips and generate reports

• Our SMS-based solution helps them keep fleet owners updated of their truck’s location and for remote telematics management 

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