Toll Free Services For Businesses

At the heart of every business is the customer, and interacting with them on a regular basis can help you gain insights about your business, understand areas that need improvement, and even generate new leads. Our Toll Free Services (TFS) are designed to help your teams interact with them seamlessly and effortlessly, so you can create even better products and services.


We also offer Managed Toll Free Services (MTFS) at an additional cost for businesses whose high client call volumes make it difficult to monitor and manage their calls inhouse. This service provides you with a transparent view of your Toll Free traffic with real-time call usage reports and analytics.

Depending on your business needs, we offer 4 types of Toll Free Services:


Domestic Toll Free Service (DTFS):

DTFS are numbers with 1800 series, a gateway for your clients to reach out to you from anywhere in India, free of charge. You also get the option to choose from easy-to-remember numbers, which means better recall and more business opportunities. Our Toll Free Numbers can be dialled from all operators across the country.



Universal Access Number (UAN):

Universal Access Numbers (UAN) are 1860 series numbers, where callers pay only local charges across the country. Besides giving your clients and leads across India a convenient way to call your business, you could also use these services to make it easy for your employees across the country to access centralised helpdesks.



International Tollfree Service (ITFS):

International Toll Free Service (ITFS) allows clients from across the globe reach you easily, free of charge. You can avail our International Toll Free Numbers from India and pay for all charges in Indian Rupees, thus avoiding the hassle of coordinating with multiple service providers across the world.



Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN):

Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN) Service, allows your overseas customers to contact you as easily as your India-based customers. You get a common Toll Free number in more than 60 countries that will help your customers not only remember the number but also easily access your business, without incurring any call charges.

Our Toll Free Services (DTFS, UAN, ITFS & UIFN) come with a host of features to help cater to your business needs and your customers’expectations:


Time-based routing

Decide which number receives a call based on the time of the call. For example, route 9 AM to 6 PM call to your Gurgaon call centre, and 6 PM to 9 AM calls to an outsourced call centre


Call redirection

Reroute a call when the primary number is busy or not answering, so that you never miss an important call


Load Balancing

Balance your call flow between different centres or set a threshold, after which calls will automatically spill over to a secondary number



You can set a sequence to your calls as per your business needs by picking from a variety of sequencing options available


Business Continuity

Your business continuity is our priority and we will ensure that your business is always running without platform and geographical redundancy


Along with the above, our DTFS and UAN services include additional features like:


Origin-based routing

Calls originating in South can be terminated in Bengaluru or Hyderabad. Calls originating in North can be terminated in Noida or Gurgaon with a failover to Bengaluru. You can also manage local language customisation


Black/White listing of numbers

Allow or restrict callers (your clients) from a specific geography as per your business needs


Self-Care Portal

An online portal which will enable you to manage your Toll Free Service better. You can also make changes to your destination number or route calls using various routing options available, all in real-time



Get information on your usage and call history through our reporting section.

  • Automated real-time monitoring of toll-free number uptime
  • Transparent view of Toll free traffic along with analytics, to take informed business decisions
  • Access to real-time usage reports
  • Helps establish a corporate identity, generate leads, increase responsiveness and consolidate new businesses
  • Establishes greater service standards by creating a Pan-India number as your identity, making it easier for clients to connect with you
  • Wide range of call routing options based on geography and time of day
  • Helps brand-building by allowing you to choose special numbers most suited to your business and brand


Our DTFS & UAN services provide the below additional benefits:

  • Allows clients to call for free
  • A single national number which works as a brand identity for businesses
  • Vanity Numbers create high recall value with clients
  • Truly a free calling service, even users with zero balance can reach the number
  • UAN is an economically better option for cost-conscious clients


While our ITFS & UIFN services provide the below additional benefits:

  • Makes it simple for your organisation to extend services across the world
  • One common number to advertise globally, makes your marketing campaigns more effective
  • Advanced routing features to carry calls to different destinations helps to optimise your resources


Additionally, with ViTM MTFS, you

  • Enjoy real-time view of the network ensuring better credibility
  • Access faster corrective actions by augmenting the SIP Trunk/PRI channels in case of failed calls due to congestion
  • Help enterprises call back on the missed call numbers during network congestion or if agents at contact centre are unavailable 
  • Advantage of a centralised number for procurement of International Toll Free numbers in 100+ countries and UIFN in 60+ countries
  • Convenience of making payments: A single bill for multiple countries, with no need to pay in foreign currency

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