JCB is a construction equipment manufacturer, operating over 2 lakh earth movers across India

Business Challenge

• Since construction equipment is very expensive to monitor and maintain, JCB needed quick and reliable information for better upgrades and upkeep of their machinery

• JCB devised the Livelink telematics system to remotely monitor and manage their fleet. This system required a robust remote monitoring and management platform to function effectively
Our Solution

• Vi Business helped JCB with a robust IoT solution to monitor and provide information on service, operation and security of their machines, thus reducing down-time

• We provided them with an automotive-grade  IoT SIM Connectivity solution  with improved efficiency and longevity, to function in extremely harsh environments

• We provided them with our Managed IoT Connectivity Platform, which made large scale IoT deployments easier 
Business Impact

• Through our solutions, JCB users can now receive real-time data and alerts to remotely manage the efficiency, maintenance and health of their equipment

• They can easily manage working-versus-idle time, monitor fuel usage, and identify small problems before they caused unscheduled downtime

• Using geo-fencing, they can ensure that there was no misuse of equipment that was leased out to construction companies

• Our solution ensures that issues are quickly resolved and machines are fully operational and back on-site, with minimal down time

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