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Business Challenge

• As IndusInd Bank was expanding their operations and presence across the country, the lack of availability of continuous power at remote  locations and rising energy costs was impacting their banking operations

• The bank was exploring a remote Diesel Generator (DG) monitoring solution that could help them:

	 a)  Optimise the cost of running these generators 
         b)  Receive proactive alerts and reduce down-time
	 c)  Manage different generator makes and models from a single platform 
	 d)  Control diesel pilferage 
         e)  Get a near real-time view of fuel consumption across their generators
Our Solution

• Vi provided IndusInd Bank with telemetry devices that contained our rugged IoT SIM Connectivity solution and a specialised fuel sensor and worked with IndusInd Bank to develop and deploy an end-to-end integrated DG set monitoring solution.They  can now monitor a range of key operational parameters like running time, fuel status, and more while also receiving alerts and real-time notifications through emails and SMS

• Our  IoT SIM Connectivity solution  enables data connectivity through the 2G/3G network with a private APN for secure data transfer

• The geo-fencing feature of our IoT SIM Connectivity solution facilitates asset tracking and tagging, based on the movement of their DG sets

• We also provided them a self-service portal that helps the bank manage the entire solution, along with access control
Business Impact

• The bank now enjoys enhanced control and visibility, with a near real-time view of their DG sets

• They were able to reduce downtime as they could remotely monitor the operational parameters of the generators

• It also resulted in significant cost savings with a near real-time view of fuel consumption, usage and any pilferage

• The bank managed to streamline operations with our centralised dashboard and a unified view

• They were also able to reduce their environmental impact by identifying behaviour modification and thus improving their carbon credits

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