Ecolibrium Energy is a market leader among Indian energy management solution providers. They help customers increase operational efficiency and improve productivity by optimising asset performance to minimise energy costs

Business Challenge

Ecolibrium’s SmartSense device-based analytics platform helps cut energy costs by up to 30% for its customers. They needed a strong IoT partner to ensure that their SmartSense device functions smoothly
Our Solution

• With our IoT SIM Connectivity solution, SmartSense devices transmit valuable energy consumption data to a central platform on a near real-time basis

• Our Managed IoT Connectivity Platform helps Ecolibrium Energy manage their national network of SmartSense devices
Business Impact

• Customers of Ecolibrium Energy can now monitor the performance of their energy-consuming assets and start making data-driven maintenance decisions instead of relying on scheduled maintenance. Since maintenance is better planned, individual assets can be scrutinised and performance audits can be compiled in real-time

• Up to 20 sensors per device can be installed in a matter of few minutes

• Our IoT solutions have helped Ecolibrium significantly improve energy management across the country

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