Integrated IoT solutions 

IoT is changing the way we do business by reinventing business processes and automating operations at every stage of the product lifecycle, opening up limitless possibilities.


We understand that no two IoT projects are the same; in scale, requirement and deployment. Each involves multiple components – device, application, connectivity and others. And with different suppliers providing various components, this makes the project even more difficult to manage.


With our Integrated IoT Solutions, you get end-to-end IoT deployment, with a single point of contact, so that every element of your project works seamlessly. Our team of experts comprise specialists from different industry sectors and verticals, ensuring better accountability, faster implementation and quicker return on investments. Coupled with our user-friendly IoT Connectivity Solutions, resilient IoT SIMs and a modular approach, it ensures rapid application development and scalability.

Smart Vehicle Tracker

Monitor and manage vehicle health, routes, deliveries and driving behaviour Tell me more

Smart Fixed Asset Tracker

Monitor performance, manage inventories, and prevent misuse and theft of your fixed assets Tell me more

Smart Mobile Asset Tracker

Track the location and status of your mobile assets in real-time Tell me more

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