Smart Utility

Our Smart Utility solutions reimagine the way utilities operate and help them unlock business insights that can streamline business operations and improve customer experience. Now remotely monitor, manage, control your utility assets and metering systems through our Smart Utilities solutions and network which brings about cost efficiency, reduces leakage and provides greater asset visibility.

Remote Transformer Monitoring

With this solution, you can continuously monitor your transformer’s health online. It is important to have an early detection of transformer failures. This helps you resolve issues faster and avoid unnecessary maintenance or even potential unplanned outages, thus consistently improves operational efficiency and reduces maintenance for your distribution transformers

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

This integrated system of smart meters, communications networks, and data management systems enables two-way communication between your utilities and you. Since AMI is designed to provide a huge amount of consumption data on a real-time or on-demand basis, you gain actionable insights and can manage your data easily. With AMI now deploy intelligently connected metering systems and smart utility solutions for electricity, water, and gas providers, smart cities & more.

Maximise Revenue

Increase in revenue per meter per month after installation of smart meters observed

Reduced AT&C Loss

Significant reduction in AT&C* loss through improved billing efficiency and collection efficiency

Hassle-free Secured Connectivity

Secured IoT connectivity deployment in distributed geographies

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive analytics on transformer health to propose a maintenance schedule

Real-time Outage Detection

Real-time identification of fault and its type, for faster resolution

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