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Our Smart Infrastructure solutions​ intelligently connect your workplace or factory machines, assets, and people to deliver seamless operations. But what is impressive is its ability to unlock opportunities for cost optimisation and new service revenue.

Remote HVAC monitoring

This solution optimises the generation, distribution, and consumption aspects of building cooling systems. It not only saves energy, but also contributes to hassle-free monitoring of climatic conditions, remotely.

Connected Chiller Monitoring

Designed to help OEMs monitor diagnostic parameters of the chiller in real-time, using intuitive platforms with predictive maintenance and remote diagnostics capabilities. Monitor the performance of your chillers from anywhere and predict when a chiller needs servicing — because uptime is everything.

Connected Cold Cabinets

This helps manufacturers, like you, track the status and condition of their geographically distributed freezers for efficient maintenance. It sends real-time alerts when condition thresholds are violated so that you can act quickly.

Remote Cold Cabinet Monitoring

Improves food or perishable goods safety and automates compliance reporting, with continuous freezer temperature monitoring, real–time alarms and digital records. The solution helps you save significantly through reduced spoilage, energy efficiency, and location tracking.

Remote Monitoring

Collect, monitor, & analyse real-time data 24x7 remotely and utilise the solution’s proactive actionable insights

Condition-based Performance Analysis

Access real-time report performance, parameters correlation, anomaly detection & historical analysis

Seamless Enterprise Integration

This solution supports all key industrial protocols and integration with ERP

Predictive Maintenance

Enjoy data-driven predictive maintenance, and schedule it based on real-time usage

Hassle-free Deployment

Ensure secured IoT Connectivity deployment in distributed geographies

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