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Our Smart Mobility solutions empower Automotive OEMs and enterprises to create an intelligent mobility ecosystem that is future-fit.

Connected Vehicle solution

This is a GPS-based real-time vehicle monitoring and diagnostics solution that transforms any vehicle into a connected vehicle. This connected vehicle solution enables Automotive OEMs and enterprises alike to build a digital experience platform that manages vehicle and passenger safety.

Fleet Management solution

This IoT fleet management solution uses the power of IoT, analytics and telematics to solve fleet management challenges for enterprises. It helps businesses improve visibility of fleet operations, monitor driver behaviour, ensure compliance to Health, Safety and Wellness (HSW), monitor fuel consumption, improve safety and security of vehicle, and many more. This helps the business increase operational efficiency, reduce cost, and improve customer experience.

Automotive Industry Standard 140 (AIS140)

Automotive Industry Standard 140 (AIS140) are regulations published by ARAI and MORTH for all commercial vehicles in India. It mandates the necessity for a tracking device with eSIM, surveillance camera and an emergency button incorporated in every commercial vehicle. Our regulatory-compliant AIS40 solution helps you monitor and track your fleet of commercial vehicle in real-time while ensuring passenger safety.

Cold Chain Monitoring

Cold chain monitoring solution is a temperature-controlled supply chain that helps you track your assets’ condition with vehicle tracking benefits. By controlling the cabin temperature, it reduces the scope of spoilage and ensures loss prevention.

Asset tracking

Our Asset Tracking solution provides end-to-end visibility & tracking of assets at a container level and consignment level. It ensures overall efficiency and security of assets, with alerts on security breaches. You can now locate and identify your lost asset easily with this solution.

Electric Vehicles

Our electric vehicle offering empowers you to monitor your EV fleet movement, vehicle and battery health. This solution enables speed monitoring, analyses driving behavior & gives instant alerts on tampering. It helps reinvent your EV with remote vehicle immobilisation, wheel lock, and keyless ignition features.

People Tracking

Our people tracking solution provides real-time visibility of work force and ensures their safety and security. Other than GPS location tracking, this solution has the capability to generate SOS alerts and initiate a two-way communication with an emergency response system as well.

Power of data monetisation

Make better insight-driven decisions by analysing data generated by the connected vehicle

Accessibility to Vehicle Data

As an automotive OEM, you can create value-added service programs for your customers, thereby increasing after-sales service loyalty

Seamless Enterprise Integration

This comes with plug-in adapters and APIs for enterprise or mobile application integration

Driving Behaviour Analysis for Fleets

Get insights into driving behaviour through a driving score that takes into calculation harsh braking, harsh acceleration, and sudden turn events

Improve Productivity and Visibility

Get the most out of your fleet and prevent delays with visibility on unplanned halts and vehicle idling time

Improved safety and security

Improve vehicle and passenger’s safety by analysing driving behaviour, setting safety modes, receive trigger alerts in case of tampering, theft or security breaches, & provide emergency assistance.

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