One of India’s leading Real Estate developers needed to enable emergency medical services for its workers.

Business Challenge

• Keeping in mind the current health hazards and risk of infections, they had procured over 30 ambulances for emergency services, as part of the worker health safety standards set by the government

• The ambulances procured by the developers are critical assets for ensuring emergency services for workers

• When issues like unauthorized driver access and theft of these ambulances surfaced, they were on the lookout for a solution that would ensure accessibility and accountability of the ambulances, while managing and reducing asset misuse
Our Solution

• We provided them with  Vi Smart Mobility – a smart Fleet Management solution that is part of our Integrated IoT portfolio

• This solution includes a wired tracking device for 4W, IoT Connectivity, Platform and Managed Services, as part of end-to-end IoT solution delivery

• This was to help them connect & track their assets-in-motion, avoid unauthorised usage and theft, analyse driver behaviour, and ensure availability of their emergency ambulance services around the clock

• Considering the current situation, they even sent some of the ambulances to supply oxygen to the needy employees & their families’ residences. With our tracking solution, they have been able to assign the nearest vehicle for faster supply, increasing the efficiency as well.
Business Impact

• With Integrated IoT, they was able to continuously monitor their ambulance fleet, ensure their security & safety, and also reduce operational expenses 

• This has enabled them to guarantee emergency ambulance services for their workers, at all times

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