FAE (Fast And Electric) Bikes is a Bangalore-based EV segment startup that provides an e-Fleet – consisting of more than 800 e-Scooters - for last mile food, grocery, pharma, and E-commerce deliveries. It also provides charging station and battery swapping services. 

Business Challenge

• Since the demand for last mile deliveries has increased tremendously with more e-bikes on the road, there was a need to track FAE Bikes via remote monitoring.

• Tampering of bikes was one of the biggest issues faced by FAE Bikes - among difficulties in tracking vehicles real-time health, performance, battery level.

• They were also leasing out bikes to businesses (B2B2C) on a Pay-as-You-Use model.
Our Solution

• We provided them with  ViTM Smart Mobility Yellow- an all-in-one app with features like Geo-fencing, Remote Immobilisation & Remote Start

• For their B2B2C customers, we offered a 360-degree real-time information list - in terms of supply chain, including digital e-KYC and end customer recharge for Pay-as-You-Use model
Business Impact

• Thanks to ViTM Smart Mobility Yellow, FAE Bikes have been able to connect to their e-bikes on-the-go, track and monitor deliveries, and analyse driver behavior to avoid unauthorised usage and theft

• Through this app, they were also able to monitor the performance & health of the bikes 

• On-demand predictability is now possible & turnaround time (TAT) for their delivery consignments has improved

• FAE bikes have been achieving better visibilities of their last mile deliveries and vehicle health parameters thus ensuring cost optimization

• This has helped FAE Bikes earn customers trust and confidence

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