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frequently asked questions

Yes, they can be ported.

All plans that are available to the new users are available to the MNP customers too.

The dues from the donor operator should be cleared and a Unique Porting Code should be generated.

Vi Business Plus plans comes with loads of bundled benefits like industry-first Data Pooling, Google Workspace, Location tracking, Mobile Security, and entertainment apps like Disney+ Hotstar and SonyLiv.

Any business from MSMEs to Large Enterprises who require Company Owned And Company Paid (COCP) Postpaid connections can use Vi Business Plus corporate connections for their employees.

Unlike individual Postpaid Connections, Vi Business Plus corporate SIMs are owned by the company and billed to the company. Employees need not pay anything. Moreover, the company can claim GST Input Tax Credit if they submit the necessary documents during the time of activation.

Documents required to port your existing number:

  •  Authorised Signatory ID proof
  •  One passport picture
  •  Organisation ID and ID proof
  •  PO on company letter with UPC (full form)
  • MNP letter
  • End user list 

Yes, you can apply online by filling above form.

Upon successful submission of the form, a representative with connect with you within 48 hours.

You can evaluate and choose from among many bundled benefits that come with Vi Business Plus plans. These plans begin from INR 299 and go up to INR 799.

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