5G for a better tomorrow

what is 5G?

5G is the next big leap, engineered to transform business with blazingly fast speeds and zero latency.
Are you ready for the technological revolution?


10x faster than 4G


hyphenate real-time

Enviromentally friendly

Reducing cost and
energy consumption

Connecting objects

500x more devices than 4G

Connecting everyone

Using numerous services

the 5G advantage


Stream and download content faster and without interruptions or buffering delays


Power future tech like Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR)


Enable connected cars and driverless cars to operate safely


Enable the development of smart cities


Improve the future of healthcare, infrastructure, and much more

our 5G industrial trial cases

Public Safety, with L&T

Connected Ambulance, with L&T

Connected Workers, with Athonet

Smart Construction, with Athonet

Full Body Motion Capture solution, with TweekLabs

Driver Monitoring System

Emergency Services Using Drones, with Vizbee

OTT Infotainment on the go

Remote Diagnostics, with Ericsson

Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), with Ericsson

360° Virtual Experiences, with Nokia

Intelligent Video Surveillance, with Nokia

Immersive real-time Cloud gaming, with Nokia

Immersive experiential learning @ Connected Schools, with Nokia

in the news

Published on 21st Oct, 2021

5G trials with Athonet

Published on 2nd Nov, 2021

5G trials with Ericsson

Published on 18th Oct, 2021

5G trials with Larsen & Toubro

Published on 10th Nov, 2021

5G trials with Nokia

Published on 1st Nov, 2021

5G trials with TweekLabs and Vizzbee

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