Our Capabilities

We, at Vi  believe in partnerships and have built long-term relationships and invested in cutting-edge infrastructure to bring value to your business.


Our “Cloud READY” MPLS VPN network is directly connected to the top 3 global cloud providers in India - Amazon, Microsoft and Google, via our VPN Extended Connect service. We also provide an enhanced Layer 2 MPLS service with a ‘monitoring and management’ feature.  This feature is applicable for both, P2P and P2MP variants and provides end-to-end network performance visibility on Layer 2 circuits.


Our comprehensive Carrier Services offerings power the digital infrastructure of some of the largest OTT service providers in the country. We have over 3,60,000 kms of fibre, 2,70,000 base stations and over 5,000 POPs (Points of Presence) in more than 200 cities, across India, and a direct network presence in over 75 countries. In addition to this, we have a partnered presence in over 180 countries, which helps us give your business exceptional reach and a high quality of service.


We have a captive capacity of 100 Gbps to mitigate large volumetric attacks and 80+ cloud locations, making us a partner of choice for all applications that need low latency networks.


We also have a direct network presence in over 75 countries and a partnered presence in over 180 countries for exceptional reach and quality of service.


We help your people work smarter and collaborate better. We give them powerful tools and a flexible approach that will make them happier, more productive and keep them more engaged. With the advantage of global expertise and knowledge of local markets, our transformative solutions can help your business respond faster while gaining insights, controlling costs and ensuring security.


Our solutions empower global and Indian corporations, public sector and government bodies, small and medium enterprises, and start-ups.


With market-leading enterprise mobility, robust fixed line connectivity, world-class IoT solutions and insightful business analytics and digital solutions, we bring the smartest and newest technologies to serve businesses in the digital era.


Our digital experience offerings such as Vi App, Vi Business - Mobility Platform and Vi Business - Wireline Portal, enable organisations to manage the connectivity from anywhere and at any time, with minimal manual intervention.

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