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Business Challenge

• When the organizations’ employees began working from home (WFH), their IT Helpdesk was responsible for ensuring a smooth transition, with minimal loss of productivity. They required a robust mechanism to receive and manage the high volume of calls that their employees made to their IT Helpdesk

• It was observed that employees who used WFH tools for the first time needed help with configuring their devices. For this, they reached out to the IT support staff on their office landline. These calls were left unanswered as the IT support staff were working remotely as well

• Since they worked in shifts, the individual phone numbers of IT support staff couldn’t be made available 

• The customer also needed to provide data connectivity for employees who were working remotely, especially those employees from the IT and project management teams who did not have home broadband access
Our Solution

• Vi Business provided a Toll free services and IVR solution for their employees, which helped patch calls to individual mobile numbers of the IT support staff at the IT Helpdesk. This was done basis their shift timings

• We also provided their employees with data cards that had plans with high data limits
Business Impact

• Our solutions helped create a seamless process to handle the organizations IT service requests, which was instrumental in making remote working smooth for their employees

• Despite logistical issues, due to regular supply chains being affected and regular movement of personnel and vehicles being curbed, we were able to fast-track procurement and distribution of devices. This helped ensure business continuity

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