Fleeca is a tyre management services company for heavy commercial vehicle fleet owners. They offer tyre inspection, Tyre Management as a Service (TMaaS), tyre inventory management, and more

Business Challenge

• Fleeca wanted to deliver solutions to customers at scale. They needed to develop a state-of-the-art system that would enable fleet owners to remotely access all tyre-related information such as: 

    • Tyre health data
    • Tyre health improvement actions
    • Nearest Fleeca Centres that were en route
    • Tyre inventory data
    • Tyre performance analysis
    • Report on cost savings 

• The challenge was to make all of this accessible for the customer on a single platform

• They also wanted to track and improve their communication with customers and stakeholders
Our Solution

• Fleeca used our Managed IoT Connectivity Platform along with RFID tyre tags to track the mileage of a tyre in its entire lifecycle. This solution connects and transfers tyre data to their servers in real-time, which is then used to monitor the its lifecycle and take preventive measures if necessary

• We also provided Fleeca with an IVRS solution, with a detailed analysis of the TAT of each call, performance of each teleservices engineer, major regions from which calls are being received, and major categories of queries on the portal
Business Impact

• With the IoT-based predictive solution to track their health, the tyres undergo less wear and tear, thus making them 15 percent more durable

• The IVRS portal helps Fleeca track the performance of their teleservices team, which improved the way they communicate with customers and stakeholders

• It also helped fleet owners and drivers reach out to Fleeca in the event of any en-route tyre-related issue. This improved their customer experience while ensuring that no business opportunity is missed out on

• Fleeca can now rest assured that their 120-member team is always connected

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